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In cooperation with the latest Government directives, our dine in restaurant options will  cease until further notice. We will still be offering takeaway and delivery services across all of our restaurant. Please view our menu page or click below to order online. Stay tuned for some fantastic options and offers to make your time at home a little more enjoyable and cost effective.

Let me take you on a journey
~ pre Butter Chicken!

By the time the last Mughal was deposed by the British in 1858, Hindustan (India) was changed forever. Three centuries of Mughal reign left behind an enduring legacy of culinary art that permanently altered the landscape of Indian cuisine. The Mughals were lavish and extravagant, connoisseurs of beauty. Courtly food of the Mughal Empire was sumptuous, rich and complex. While the curries and gravies were cooked richer with creams and yogurt, the eyes feasted upon the decorated fresh flower petals and edible thin foils of silver and gold.

Mughlai cuisine then made a move overseas, post English Raj the English palate came to thirst for the ground spices of India and came the birth of the fusion of UK and Mughlai food. Popular dishes such as Chicken Tikka Masala, Butter Chicken and Balti came to the forefront during this period, a mix of Indian spices and English tomato and cream bases made this overwhelmingly popular, and so it remains today where the English have even made their national cuisine Indian food!

After three decades of cooking and serving, I hope to shed some light on the dishes pre and post Mughal Raj and not to forget my very own contemporary twists. My family and I hope Grace of India takes you on a journey to the rivers, villages and cities of India through flavours, aroma and texture of our very best food.


Santokh Singh
Head Chef and Owner

Specials Menu

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Non-Vegetarian Entrées

Platter of Entrée
Kheema Samosa + Chicken Tikka + Seekh Kebab

Kheema Samosa  
Homemade pastry filled with Lamb mince, potatoes and peas, infused with traditional herbs and spices + served with mint sauce

Vegetarian Entrées

Vegetarian Platter of Entrée
Vegetable Samosa + Aloo Tikki + Onion Bhaji + served with beetroot sauce

Vegetable Samosa 
Homemade pastry filled with potatoes and peas, infused with traditional herbs and spices + served with beetroot sauce

Aloo Tikki  
Spiced potato stuffed with cottage cheese, ginger, cumin and coriander powder + served with beetroot sauce

Onion Bhaji  
Onion fritters made in a chickpea batter with fresh ginger and garlic + served with beetroot sauce

Aachari Paneer Tikka 
Cottage cheese marinated in aachari (pickle) sauce and cooked in the tandoor + served with beetroot sauce

Sweet Chilli Mushrooms  
Fresh mushrooms, capsicum and onions served in a tangy sweet chilli and soy sauce. One of Singh’s fusion dishes

House Specialitites

Tamarind Chicken

A sweet and sour dish. Our homemade tamarind sauce with dice cut pieces of tandoori chicken

Beef Pasanda

Coconut curry with Kashmiri herbs and red wine

Lime Coriander Prawns

Fresh lime juice, king prawns, capsicum and butter with a tomato base topped with pan fried coriander seeds and spring coriander

Nehari Gosht (Luckhnowi Royal)

Smooth and tasty slow cooked goat curry made with home-churned pure ghee and aromatic spices, originally created for the royal Moghuls in the Northern Indian provinces

Homemade Delights

From the Farm

From the Meadows

From the Tandoor

Traditional Indian

Traditional Curries

Vegetarian (V)  17.9
Chicken or Beef (C, B)  18.9
Lamb (L)  19.9
Fish or Prawn (F, P)  22.9

Masala (V, C, B, L, F, P)
A delicious curry base gravy with aromatic herbs & spices

Vindaloo (V, C, B, L, F, P)
Traditionally spicy curry with a distinct flavour of vinegar and hot spices

Jalfrezi (V, C, B, L, F, P)
A medium dish cooked with tomatoes, onions and mixed vegetables, finished with lemon juice

Korma (V, C, B, L)
Yoghurt based dish cooked with almond sauce, cashew and cream

Rogan Josh (V, C, B, L)
A classic Kashmiri dish cooked with a rich gravy of tomatoes and Kashmiri spices

Madras (V, C, B, L)
South Indian style curry made using coconut milk & cream, mustard seeds, curry leaves and chilli

Saagwala (V, C, B, L)
Your selection cooked in spinach and spices

Briyani (V, C, B, L)
Rice cooked with spices and meat of your choice

Side Dishes


SUMMER Specials

Summer Entrees

Coconut Lamb

Lamb rump marinated in coconut masala and tandoori smoked


Paneer Peri Peri

Homemade cottage cheese marinated yoghurt and Peri masala


Summer Mains

Goan Chana Masala

Chickpea curry cooked with raw banana and sambhar



Kingfish cooked in a tamarind and coconut curry sauce


Summer Dessert

Coconut Kulfi

Indian style ice cream flavoured in coconut, chocolate and milk cake


Summer Tasting Menu

A Summer Tasting Menu is also available