Our Philosophy

Grace Of India

Greater India has been ruled by hundreds of dynasties over time. We carry the influences of those periods through our heritage and bring those stories to your plate.


When it comes to food everybody has an opinion. You eat hence you know (or somewhere along those lines).
Having leveled the playing field, we think that it’s not all said and done when we are talking about enjoying a nice meal.
So we’ve set ourselves the task of improving and perfecting the act of eating in every way, down to the finest details.


Our recipes have been relayed to each generation, through oral communication.
Time spent by previous generations outside our village in like Delhi, Punjabs “Cities” and South India has opened up our exposure to food culture in those place too.


Much like the oral tradition of passing on recipes, Grace Of India also runs it’s operation the same way. Family work together with synergy to make the place homely and welcoming for guests.